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Debit Cards for Checking Accounts

Your Mastercard debit card is no longer active as of July 1. You must activate your new Visa Debit Card to access funds in your checking account.

It's time to get started.

If you have not already done so, now is the time to activate your new Visa debit card. Your new Visa debit card arrived at the address on file for your account the week of June 10. If you did not receive a card, call 314.434.6470.

All you have to do is:

SIGN the back of your new Visa debit card.

CALL 800.290.7893 or use Card Controls on our mobile app to activate your new card before June 30. A PIN mailer arrived separate from your new card, or assign your own PIN when you call to activate your card. 

Activate your card with mobile Card Controls

Activating your new Visa debit card is just a touch away with Card Controls via the Electro Savings mobile app. To activate your card, simply:

1. Log into your credit union account via the mobile app

2. From the menu select Card Controls. The menu is three small horizontal lines in the top left.

3. Click the card icon and enter the full card number and last four digits of the card owners Social Security Number and click activate

USE your new card.

DESTROY your old Mastercard® debit card once you've completed a successful transaction with your new Visa debit card. Your Mastercard debit card will stop working on Sunday, June 30.

Track your purchases online

You can see current balances as well as itemized statements online, with the merchant name, location, date, and amount for every purchase.

Shop with confidence

If you're shopping across the street or around the world, you'll be protected from fraud with Visa's Zero Liability Policy.*

Enjoy added perks with our mobile app

Our mobile app brings even more power to your Visa. With Card Controls, you have the ability to control access to your card right from the palm of your hand! You can let us know when you'll be traveling, report if your card has been lost or stolen and even order a new card.

Official Credit Union of the Saint Louis Football Club

Saint Louis Football ClubIn 2015, a United Soccer League team came to the St. Louis area, and we are proud to support the team! Located at World Wide Technology Soccer Park in Fenton, the Saint Louis Football Club plays from March through September, but you can show your support year-round with our Saint Louis Football Club debit card design.

These debit card designs are available on all our Checking options


Saint Louis Football Club Striped Debit Card Design       Saint Louis Football Club Solid Debit Card Design

Need cash while enjoying a game at World Wide Technology Park? Use our convenient ATM located on the North Patio.