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Making a Difference in the Places We Call Home

As a credit union, giving back is what we do. Our members give us the financial strength and support we need to make a difference. We, in turn, give our time, talents and financial support to our community. We're committed to supporting the communities we serve through financial investments as well as volunteer services by our staff.


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Let's Work Together to Make St. Louis Even Better

We are exctied to announce our 2021 Power of Comm(unity) Grant recipients. Thank you to all our 2021 Power of Comm(unity) Grant entrants! We appreciate all you do to make your community even better.

Watch for our video this fall, which will announce the 2022 Power of Comm(unity) Grant application period by highlighting the powerful stories of our 2021 recipients.


2021 Power of Comm(unity) Grant Recipients

Virtual learning vs. In-person learning Program at Oakmont Townhomes in coordination with Adopt-A-Block and Cornerstone Realty

The program will support additional resources in a tutoring hub at Oakmont Townhomes, such as computers, tablets, printers, and tutors so that resident students can remain supported whether choosing virtual or in-person learning. The hub will also offer adult-orientated classes, such as cooking and healthy lifestyle classes.  

The Power of Community grant will support start-up costs of equipment and supplies for the tutoring hub, impacting 48 Oakmont families and Electro team volunteers.

Boys Hope Girls Hope of St. Louis Residential Program: Scholar Clothing

BHGHSTL makes a long-term investment in motivated but disadvantaged children, operating a residential facility where participants live, learn and grow. Their comprehensive programming supports each scholar’s holistic growth, facilitating

  1. Academic achievement through access to quality schools,
  2. Character development through extracurricular enrichment and volunteerism, and
  3. Preparation for the transition to college and productive careers.

BHGHSTL provides basic needs such as shelter, food, access to medical care, and clothing as the foundation for their enrichment and academic programs. Together, these offerings are part of their larger goal of facilitating the overall growth and development of the whole child.

Visit their website to learn more.

The Power of Community grant will fund clothing provisions for 20 residential scholars and Electro team financial wellness volunteers.

Black Girl, Bleu - Black Women’s Mental Wellness: Building Community to Overcome and Heal

The goal of this program is to offer a safe space for Black women in Greater St. Louis to tend to their mental health, and

  1. Gain the insight and clarity needed to define themselves, deconstruct the “Strong Black Woman” myth, and not allow their mental health challenges to define them.
  2. Meet other Black women who are dealing with similar situations, past, present, or future.
  3. Swap stories, experiences, and ideas (not necessarily advice)
  4. Connect with culturally competent wellness providers such as therapists, breathing guides, and healing consultants.
  5. Learn and practice tools and techniques to care for and improve their emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing.

Visit their website to learn more.

The Power of Community grant will support cost of wellness providers for 25 women and Electro team financial wellness volunteers.

Wellston Loop Revitalization and Beautification Project

The Wellston Loop area is an underserved, low-income, predominantly African American community. Fires have destroyed many buildings already battling vacancy, neglect, and deterioration. Nearly every day, neighbors and families grieve the loss of young lives due to overdose and violence. The project provides for coordinated community clean-up and beautification days throughout the year. It also serves as an income-enhancing project for residents, as participants take on lead coordinator roles and are paid a small stipend for their work. This is just one of WLCDC’s many programs that work together to help revitalize the area.

Visit their website to learn more.

The Power of Community grant will support the purchase of supplies and equipment for beautification projects and Electro team volunteers.

2020 Power of Comm(unity) Grant Recipients

Our Power of Comm(unity) program challenges individuals and groups in St. Louis to submit their project ideas, no matter the size, that will support local solutions to local community needs. 

Congratulations to our 2020 Power of Community grant recipients!

Youth Be Heard Strengths-Based Writing Program (SBWP)

The goal of the SBWP is to increase youth self-worth and instill belief in their own value and potential to make a positive impact on others. The selected site for SBWP implementation is East St. Louis High School, located in East St. Louis, Illinois. The grant will assist with implementation of the program.

Learn more about this empowering youth program - Interview with Renee Childs

Southeast Ferguson Community Association (SEFCA) Unity Center

The goal of the SEFCA Unity Center is to create a positive and trusted environment where residents can learn basic skills, health habits and have access to resources. These free resources will be offered to residents of the Ferguson, Jennings, Dellwood and Berkley communities. The Unity Center will offer a computer lab, a self-study lounge with free WiFi, a childcare room, a classroom for workshops and a teachable kitchen. Canfield Green Apartments has donated two of their units to be converted into the Unity Center. The grant will support the fund-raising efforts to complete the conversion construction.

Be inspired by community support happening in Southeast Ferguson - Interview with LaTasha Brown

Adopt-A-Block/Oakmont Townhomes Community Garden

The goal of the Adopt-A-Block/Oakmont Townhomes Community Garden is to provide fresh, safe and affordable herbs, fruits and vegetables to the residents and volunteers of Oakmont Townhomes and surrounding area in Southeast Ferguson. The POC grant will support the efforts to build the garden and to plant and maintain it.

See the amazing community garden at Oakmont Townhomes - Interview with Tierra Green

What is the Power of Comm(unity)?

We're challenging you to make your community an even better place to live, work and play. We believe one of the most vital parts of any community is its people — and it's these people who can make a positive impact on the community. Bring us your ideas on how to improve your community because together we are stronger, and even small ideas can make a big impact.

This program supports compelling projects, no matter how big or small, that look to provide solutions to community issues through:

  • Change and Innovation
  • Volunteerism
  • Impact-driven with data and reporting

What the Power of Community is Not

The Power of Community does not support sponsorships or in-kind donations. Please visit our Power of Partnership page for these types of requests.

Power of Comm(unity) Grant Requirements and Eligibility

A successful Power of Community grant application outlines a program/project that solves a specific problem, bridges a gap or fulfills a specific need in the community. Grant applications may include a request for a combination of financial investment, volunteer hours and/or credit union staff resources. 

Grant Requirements

  • The stated goal must tie to a specific program/project that has a measurable impact on the community
  • The program/project must support:
    • A specific, connected set of activities, with a beginning and an end
    • Explicit objectives
    • A predetermined cost estimate
    • Measurable results
  • Eligible projects/programs include, but are not limited to:
    • Education
    • Health and Social Services
    • Individual or Family Wellness
    • Neighborhood Stability and Revitalization
    • Other Community Development Needs

Who Can Apply?

Any individual or organization living or working within Electro's defined field of membership.

Other Important Information

  • Maximum Award is $2,000 per project
  • An individual or organization may submit additional grant requests upon completion of any previous grant-funded project and the submission of a final report
  • Funding is awarded based on:
    • Demonstrated need
    • Availability of funds
    • Electro's Community Development budget for each year
  • If a project request is approved, the grant recipient must implement the project within 12 months
  • Grant recipients will be required to post and share their projects on Electro's social pages and mention Electro within the posts and shares, as well as press releases or any other public relations involving the project.
  • A final report must be submitted within one month of the completion of the project. Reporting details will be issued with approved project proposals. Testimonials, video and success stories are encouraged.

Power of Comm(unity) Grant Process 

A volunteer committee composed of Electro staff will review project applications as they are received during the grant application period. The review committee places a priority on proposals which:

  • Clearly demonstrate and document a community need to be addressed
  • Launch a new program or enhance a current program
  • Include an evaluation plan to measure both individual and community impact
  • Make a lasting impact on the community
  • Includes opportunities for Electro employees to volunteer their time or expertise
  • Incorporates community relations and promotion that Electro may participate in (i.e., social media, press releases, physical presence of credit union's support for the project)

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