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Online Bill Pay

Electro Savings Bill Pay saves you time, money, and headaches. Pay bills from your Electro Savings checking account anywhere you have Internet access with your computer, smartphone, tablet or other web-enabled devices.

  • Schedule single or recurring payments
  • Transfer funds from your checking account to your account at another financial institution
  • Transfer funds from your checking account to another person
  • Monitor your bill pay history
  • Receive and pay monthly bills via e-bill
  • Eliminate postage costs while paying bills faster

Watch our Bill Pay Demo to learn more about how easy and convenient it is.

You must have an Electro Savings checking account and be enrolled in myEbr@nch Online Account Access to use Online Bill Pay. Bill Pay is also available from your mobile device using our Mobile App.

Click here to enroll in myEbr@nch Online Account Access. Choose Enroll in the upper right corner of the page and follow the enrollment instructions. After enrolling, you will receive an email confirming your information by the next business day.

Need help with your online bill pay account? Call our dedicated bill pay support center at (855) 645-0209.

Additional Bill Pay Features:

Pay a Person
This convenient feature allows you to make person-to-person payments electronically to anyone you choose, such as a landlord, babysitter or relative. Sending money electronically is faster, more convenient and more secure than sending a check. And even when a paper check is necessary, online bill pay can save you time. That's because we mail your check directly to the recipient, which saves you a trip to the post office.

How it works: When you add a payee, simply choose to add an individual rather than a company or business.

Transfer Money
This useful feature allows you to securely and easily transfer funds electronically from one deposit account to another. This helpful feature eliminates the need for more expensive wire transfers and the hassle of written checks. It's a quick, secure and flexible way to manage your funds and accounts online.

How it works: Select "Add Account" in the "Transfers" tab. Once the setup process is complete, you can transfer funds to or from that account.

Send a Gift Check or Donation (GiftPay)
This helpful feature allows you to easily send a gift check or charitable donation from your online bill pay account. With GiftPay, you don't have to worry about stamps or trips to the post office. Plus, GiftPay gift checks cost less than most greeting cards but still offer a range of colorful designs to suit the occasion and the option for personalization.

How it works: Just add the name and address of the gift check recipient or charity. For donations, you can enter the charity of your choice or simply select from our broad list of popular charities.

Check Imaging
This handy feature allows you to see up to 18 months of cleared checks. Check Imaging is a convenient way to monitor account activity right from your online bill pay account. It can help you ensure accurate and secure transactions.

How it works: From your payment history, select "View" to see payment details. From there, simply click on the "View cleared check" link. An image of the cleared check, front and back, appears on screen.

Mobile Access

Mobile Bill Pay is available to any registered myEbr@nch, Online Account Access user from any smartphone, tablet or web-enabled device. Search "Electro Savings" in your app store.