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Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay

Introducing a fast, easy and convenient mobile payment option! You can now use your Electro credit and debit card(s) with Samsung Pay*.  Samsung Pay is the mobile payment service that works almost anywhere you can swipe or tap your card-from local grocery stores to coffee shops to taco trucks, it's highly secure and simple to use with the latest Samsung Galaxy devices.

To keep your information secure, Samsung Pay uses a Device Specific Number instead of your account number. Each transaction is authorized with your fingerprint, so you remain in control of when each payment is made. And, with built-in security, your device is monitored for signs of malicious attacks or vulnerabilities.

Add your Electro card(s) in a few easy steps. Your device's camera can scan in your card information for you to confirm, then you secure the account with your fingerprint and backup PIN. It's that easy!

Add your Electro credit and debit card(s) to Samsung Pay today!

Don't have an Electro credit card?

Apply Today

Don't have an Electro checking account with a debit card? Open an account today.


Samsung Pay FAQs

What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is a better way to pay virtually anywhere you can swipe or tap your card. Swipe up to launch the app. Secure with your fingerprint or Samsung PIN. Hover your device over the card reader to pay.

Please Note: Only compatible with select Samsung devices.

The image displayed for my Electro credit card or debit card does not look like my actual card. Why?

The payment card displayed in Samsung Pay may not match your physical card. In those instances, Samsung Pay will use a graphical representation of your card. 

You can determine your card is accurate by verifying the following information matches your physical card:

  • The card network (i.e., Visa®)
  • The card issuer (i.e., Electro Savings Credit Union)
  • The last four digits of your physical card number

When I use the camera to add the card, the card details are not showing correctly. What do I do?

In the event your phone cannot capture your card detail through your camera, proceed with entering in all of the required fields manually. This will also process and add your card normally into Samsung Pay.

How do I change my default card to my Electro card?

Samsung Pay does not have the option to set a default card. When you open Samsung Pay, the most recently used, viewed or added card will display.

Where can I get more information on Samsung Pay?

More information is available at https://www.samsung.com/us/samsung-pay/

Samsung, Samsung Pay, Galaxy S (and other device names) and Samsung Knox are trademarks or registered trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Samsung Pay is available on select Samsung devices.