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PRIDE & Prosperity: 5 LGBTQ+ Finfluencers You Should Know


By: Tara Spicer, GreenPath Financial Wellness

PRIDE & Prosperity: 5 LGBTQ+ Finfluencers You Should Know

According to new data from The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) roughly half (48%) of LGBTQ+ adults say they are financially unwell, compared to one-quarter of the general public. And three in ten LGBTQ+ adults say they have experienced discrimination while accessing financial services.

Translation? When it comes to addressing the nuanced financial challenges the LGBTQ+ community faces–from family planning to workplace discrimination—there is much work to be done.

At the intersection of awareness raising and finance are five finfluencers whose voices are setting them apart. These individuals aim to educate and empower others in leading financially healthy lives. Read, watch, and hear what they have to say about saving, budgeting, and creating healthy money boundaries.

1. Paco de Leon

Paco de Leon is the author of Finance for the People and the founder of The Hell Yeah Group, a financial firm dedicated to empowering creative professionals and entrepreneurs. Blending practical financial advice with her own drawings (likely funnier than anything you’ve seen in a traditional finance class), Paco shines at demystifying complex money matters.

As an openly LGBTQ+ individual and former TED speaker, Paco uses her platform to raise awareness, often incorporating themes of inclusivity and diversity in her financial education materials.

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2. John Schneider and David Auten

David Auten and John Schneider, aka The Debt Free Guys, are a married couple committed to helping the LGBTQ+ community live fabulously without sacrificing financial security in the process.

Drawing from their experience of overcoming substantial debt—have you ever paid for a Madonna concert with student loans because they have–they offer a mix of personal anecdotes and advice on their podcast, Queer Money.

David and John partner with nonprofits and advocacy groups (like HRC) to provide resources and support to the LGBTQ+ community and raise awareness around discrimination, healthcare costs, and the economic impact of coming out.

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3. Berna Anat

Berna Anat is the author of Money Out Loud: All the Financial Stuff No One Taught Us and the creator of the platform “Hey Berna,” where she promotes financial literacy for young adults and people of color. Widely known for her jargon-free approach to personal finance, her videos feel like money advice from a friend, and we’re here for it.

With a background in media and a passion for social justice, Berna blends storytelling and practical advice to empower her audience to take control of their finances. Her energetic personality and commitment to inclusivity have made her a sought-after speaker.

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4. Tori Dunlap

Tori Dunlap is the founder of Her First $100K, a platform dedicated to empowering women to achieve financial independence. Tori offers advice on saving, investing, and negotiating, and her Financial Feminist Podcast invites you to “gain financial freedom and kick some patriarchal ass at the same time.”

A bisexual woman and vocal champion for gender equality and financial literacy, Tori brings a personal lens to the world of personal finance: her own experience of saving $100,000 by the age of 25 has inspired others to pursue their own financial goals without fear.

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5. Daniella Flores

Daniella Flores is a prominent LGBTQ+ financial influencer and the creative force behind the popular blog “I Like to Dabble.” With a passion for financial independence and side hustles, Daniella provides practical advice and resources on budgeting, saving, and generating multiple streams of income.

As a queer Latina, she offers a personal perspective on the financial challenges and opportunities within the LGBTQ+ community, often highlighting topics such as the wage gap, workplace discrimination, and advocating your worth in the workplace.

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