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We're a not-for-profit financial cooperative, looking out for our members' financial well-being and futures. We embrace our "not-normal-ness" and strive to offer the best products and services for our members, without the price tag you'd find at a big bank. Being member-owned also means we pass all the savings along to you, not stockholders, in the form of competitive rates, higher returns, and lower fees. At Electro, you're not just a number — you're family!

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We welcome eligible individuals without regard to race, religion, sex, color, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental disabilities, or any other status protected by law. Membership is open to individuals who live or work or are related to anyone who lives or works in St. Louis City and County, St. Charles, Franklin, and Jefferson counties in Missouri, and Jersey, Madison, St. Clair, and Monroe counties in Illinois. 

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Board Directors and Associate Committee Application

Credit unions are all about people helping people. We strive to provide quality, affordable products and services to fit the needs of our members. The credit union's Board of Directors and Associate Committee focus on the best interests of the membership as a whole, ensuring the credit union's affairs are carried out fairly and impartially for the benefit of the entire membership, not a particular member or group of members. As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, members just like you serve on the Board of Directors and Associate Committee to establish our strategic decisions and policies. Our Board Directors and Associate Committee volunteer their time and talents to be the voice of our membership and help the credit union flourish.

Board of Directors

Electro’s Board is comprised of nine voting Directors, each holding a three-year term, with three terms expiring each year. We accept applications from individual members interested in serving as a Board Director from October 1 through December 31 each year. Call Pat Larson at 314.434.6470 ext 1502 or check this page during the open application period for a Board Director application.

Associate Committee

In addition to the nine voting directors, we have a non-voting Associate Committee. Like a Director, an Associate Committee member actively participates in discussions at board and strategic planning meetings, but does not vote on board motions.

We accept applications for the Board Associate Committee at any time. Call Pat Larson at 314.434.6470 ext 1502 or apply using the application below.

Board & Associate Commttee Application

Meetings & Commitment

The Board of Directors and Associate Committee meet monthly with the credit union's Senior Management Team on the second to last Tuesday of the month. Monthly board meeting materials are provided a week in advance to review in preparation for the meeting. Monthly meetings start at 6:00 PM and typically run approximately 60 to 90 minutes but can vary. At this time, attendees may attend the meetings in person or virtually. The location of in-person meetings is in the St. Louis area.

In addition to monthly meetings, a Strategic Planning meeting is held annually. Typically this meeting is held on the third Saturday of September. It is a full day starting at 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM. The location varies, but always in the St Louis area.

All information provided and discussed in meetings is confidential, only shared or discussed with directors, volunteers and, credit union management. Directors and associate committee members should make every effort to attend all meetings.

New volunteers are provided a series of twelve monthly training modules to complete on their own time within their first year. Other educational opportunities are encouraged and provided at no cost to our volunteers.

2022 Board & Associate Committee Members

Jim Mullineaux, Chair Anthony French, Associate Committee
Wilbon Cooper, Vice Chair David Harrell, Associate Committee
Dave Meglio, Secretary James Holmes, Associate Committee
Thomas Glenn, Treasurer Tiara Hopson, Associate Committee
Kevin Atwood, Director Jeffrey Lyes, Associate Committee
Mike Knott, Director  
Alan Raymond, Director Robert Bailey, Director Emeritus
Ken Takaidza, Director Howard Hoemann, Director Emeritus
Jim Telthorst, Director  

Contact Your Board of Directors

If you have any questions or comments regarding the credit union or need help with an unresolved issue, please address your letter to the following:

Supervisory Committee
c/o Electro Savings Credit Union
1805 Craigshire Road
St. Louis, MO 63146

Dave Meglio, Supervisory Comittee Chair

State of the Credit Union

A Message from Jim Struble, Our President and CEO

It’s fitting that our 80th anniversary – our oak anniversary – landed in 2021. Electro, and the community as a whole, faced many challenging circumstances and uncertainties brought on, in part, by the pandemic. But oak trees are known for their strength and ability to withstand harsh storms; in fact, strong storms are what encourage trees to take deeper roots. Facing these challenges with our members and communities has only strengthened these bonds.

For the past 80 years, we’ve been “Establishing and Growing Strong Community Roots” – our Annual Report theme for 2021 – and that’s why we’ve been able to offer stability and security to our employees, members, and community. In 2021, we grew and strengthened our community roots in a few ways: We exceeded $250 million in assets, surpassed 20,000 members, and opened a branch in St. Peters. I’m tremendously proud of all these accomplishments and pleased that they are all directly tied to the incredible culture we’ve fostered.

First and foremost, Electro is an employer. We believe that when we take care of our employees, they’ll take care of our members. In fact, Electro was named Top 5 in St. Louis for Customer Service by Small Business Monthly, which means this mantra works. Our St. Peters branch is a physical manifestation of Electro’s employees-first approach. When designing the branch, we didn’t start with the lobby. We started with the employee break room and created a space they would enjoy using. Having spaces like that for our team is an essential component of our thriving credit union.

Handing the keys of our culture over to our employees also led to impactful community action. Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) fueled a series of events in celebration of LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, including our participation in PrideFest and sharing of our travels to Jefferson City to testify for the instillment of equal employment protections. Electro was also one of the first financial institutions to formally recognize Juneteenth by closing our branches, a decision that our employees initiated. In 2021, the Credit Union National Association recognized our community and DEI efforts nationally with awards.

Throughout this year and the coming years, Electro aims to further strengthen our commitment to our culture and DEI efforts through an employee-led program named the Power of Us initiative. The Power of Us encourages employees to examine the inner workings of Electro and identify ways our processes and actions could better align with our culture. I’m excited to hear our employees’ feedback, and I deeply appreciate our Board’s commitment to positive change.

We have a lot of exciting activities on the horizon for 2022 and beyond. I can’t say it enough: I’m so proud of our dedicated staff and their commitment to strengthening our community through financial stability. When one person’s finances improve, it improves the lives of that family and our community. Thank you for weathering these storms with us. We’re all stronger for it.

Jim Struble
President and CEO

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