Emergency Assistance

We're here to help! To our family of members,impacted by a natural disaster, we encourage you to call us at 314.434.6470 or email us should you need assistance.

Access Your Accounts

We may be able to increase your daily ATM withdrawal limit so you can access more of your money immediately. Access your Electro account at a Credit Union Shared Branch or no-fee CO-OP ATM.

Find a Shared Branch or ATM near you

Vehicle Replacement

If your vehicle is damaged, we have affordable options to get you into a dependable vehicle quickly.

Loan Payment

If you have a loan with us and need help keeping your payments current, email or call us toll-free at.

Emergency Cash

We may be able to help you get the emergency cash you need for temporary living expenses and repairs until disaster relief or insurance payments are available.

We encourage you to call toll-free 314.434.6470 or email us. We're here to help!

Financial Guidance

Your credit union team is trained to help our members enhance their lives through one-on-one financial counseling.

If you need help with home budgeting, debt management, credit rebuilding, or any other financial concern, we can help. And best of all, this service is free for our Electro family of members. Our team will review your credit report with you thoroughly and help you find areas where you can make improvements.* It's completely free and confidential and only takes about 30 minutes. 

Take the first step, call us today at 314.434.6470 to set an appointment with one of our certified financial counselors at our Maryland Heights, St. Peters, Manchester/Ballwin, or South County offices. We won’t judge you, we’ll help you!

*Documented approval to pull credit report required for the purpose of loan review or the request of credit. To qualify for a credit report pull, must be a current member or eligible for membership. 

Financial Counseling

Through our partnership with GreenPath Financial Wellness, you have direct access to many resources for improving financial wellness, including free and confidential financial counseling.

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