Why Is A Credit Union's Annual Meeting Important?

By attending your credit union's annual meeting, you have a voice in the direction of your credit union. The annual meeting provides a forum for members to give their opinions, ask questions and receive financial information about their credit union’s performance.

Through an annual report that is released at the annual meeting, the credit union provides an overall financial review of its performance. The annual report specifically outlines members’ deposits and loans, as well as the assets and operating costs of the credit union from the prior year. 

All members are invited and encouraged to attend the annual meeting, since the information that’s shared impacts the dividends that are paid, the rates that are received, the products that solve life needs, the fees that are sometimes applicable and the reasons that those fees exist, not to mention the investments in technology, branches, ATMs and more.

2022 Annual Meeting

We were excited to hold our first in-person annual meeting since 2019 on Tuesday, May 24. Thank you to members who were able to attend. It was wonderful to see all of you.

A copy of the Annual Meeting presentations and 2021 Annual Report are below. The presentation slides are an Adobe PDF document. Click here to download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Annual Meeting Presentation

2021 Annual Report