Many of the fees included in this Fee Schedule can be avoided based on how you choose to manage your account and by choosing the no-fee option available for many of the more common account services.

Learn how to avoid specific fees, or contact us. Our goal is to make your credit union as efficient as possible by holding costs down so we can return more back to you (our member-owners), and increase our availability to help you with questions and transactions you cannot perform using our no-fee alternatives.

Based on your request for services or account management, the following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limits apply.


Account Fees - Effective February 1, 2022

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Item $30.00 each
Overdraft Transfer from Savings to Checking $5.00 each
Excessive Savings Withdrawals-More than three (3) In-Branch per Month $5.00 each
Early Holiday Club Withdrawal-Prior to October 1 $15.00
Excessive Vacation Club Withdrawals-More than one (1) per Calendar Quarter $15.00 each
Dormant Account* $5.00 per month
Money Market Balance Below $3,000 $10.00 per month
Plus Money Market Balance Below $25,000 No dividend paid
Superior Money Market Balance Below $100,000 No dividend paid

Excessive Money Market Withdrawals-More than six (6) per Month
(All Money Market types)

$5.00 each
Save to Win Certificate early withdrawal

$25.00 1st w/d
Closure 2nd w/d

Rewards Checking Balance Below $300 $5.00 per month
Fresh Start Checking $10.00 monthly

Paper Statements**

$3.00 per mailing
Statement Returned Due to Bad Address $7.50 each
Non CO-OP ATM Transaction $2.25 each
ATM Deposit Adjustment $10.00 each
Deposit Drawn on International Institution $5.00 - $25.00
Check Printing Depends on style
RALY Reloadable Debit Card Activation or Replacement $6.00 each
Debit Card Replacement $7.50 each

*Primary members age 18+ with combined account balance under $100 and no transactions in past 12 months
**Primary members age 0 to 18, and 60+ may choose to receive paper statements at no charge with the exception of Kasasa Checking. All Kasasa Checking Accounts require electronic statements or paper statement fee.

Other Fees - Effective December 1, 2018 Fee
Stop Payment $30.00 each
Stop Payment Cancellation $5.00 each
Credit Card Payment live agent by phone $10.00 each
Credit Card Replacement $7.50 each
Domestic Wire $20.00 each
International Wire $50.00 each
Wire Rejection $30.00 each
Cashier Check $3.00 each
Counter Check to 3rd Party $3.00 each
Automated Coin Counter

$0.00 member
5% non-member


$0.00 member
$2.00 non-member

VISA Gift Card Activation

$4.95 each

Visa Reloadable Prepaid Debit

$5.95 per funds reload

Account Research

$20.00 per hour

Safe Deposit Box

Varies per size

Business Fees - Effective February 1, 2022

Transaction Type Business Builder Checking Money Manager Checking Business Savings Account  Business Money Market Account
Initial Deposit $100 $1,000 $100 $3,000
Monthly Transactions First 150 free, $0.10 each add'l First 250 free, $0.20 each add'l First 3 in-branch free, $5 each add'l First 6 free, $5 each add'l
Loose Coin Deposited or Exchanged 1% per $100 1% per $100 1% per $100 1% per $100
Wire (Outgoing)

$20 domestic
$50 foreign

$20 domestic
$50 foreign
$20 domestic
$50 foreign
$20 domestic
$50 foreign
Non CO-OP ATM Transaction $2.25 each $2.25 each $2.25 each N/A
Returned Deposit $30 each $30 each $30 each $30 each
Non-Sufficient Funds $30 each item $30 each item N/A $30 each item
Overdraft Privilege (Sole Proprieter Only) $30 each $30 each N/A N/A
Stop Payment $30 each $30 each N/A $30 each
Check Copy $3 each $3 each N/A $3 each
Statement Copy $5 each $5 each $5 each $5 each
Statement Research $20 per hour $20 per hour $20 per hour $20 per hour
Statement Balancing Assistance $20 per hour $20 per hour $20 per hour $20 per hour
Deposit Bags - Locked At Cost At Cost At Cost At Cost
Deposit Bags - Zippered At Cost At Cost At Cost At Cost

The following fees are associated with the specific Business deposit accounts. There may be other fees associated with other types of deposit accounts a business may have with us. Fees associated with these other types of deposit accounts are listed above under Account Fees.