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Give It Up for Erika, Our Trainer


A new office, new coworkers, and new processes to learn—just a few reasons starting a new job is a little nerve-wracking. But if you’re joining the Electro team, you can breathe easy and start off with confidence thanks to our trainer, Erika Oberreither.

“Currently, I train our Tellers, Member Service Representatives and our Member Care Representatives,” explains Erika. “And if a new employee joins us in a different area, I still train them on the basics, like how to use our systems.”

On top of teaching new employees the ins and outs of the credit union, Erika takes on many other important responsibilities. “Creating and updating our procedures is a big part of my day,” says Erika. “I also update our intranet, meet with our departments to discuss training procedures and prepare materials for our weekly staff training hour.”

Erika had some prior experience as a Teller, so after graduating from college, she joined the Electro team in that role. As a natural problem-solver, Erika then transitioned to the Member Care Department to assist members over the phone. “Working in our phone center really broadened my knowledge of the credit union and equipped me with the confidence I needed to take on a Trainer position,” says Erika.

Even before she took on her current title, she was helping train employees in the Member Care Department. It wasn’t until her 2018 one-on-one meeting with Electro’s CEO that she mentioned an official Trainer position was much needed at the credit union and she would love to take on the job. “A couple of months later, the job was posted,” says Erika. “I applied and got the position!”

It’s no secret that Erika is the perfect fit for the role. “I love not only educating people on how to do their job, but I also enjoy being the person employees can come back to for help,” explains Erika. “Teaching people how to do something new and giving them the tools to succeed is really rewarding.”

When she’s not helping new employees at the credit union, Erika enjoys traveling and reading, and she’s a TV show and movie enthusiast. She loves to do cosplay and attend comic conventions.