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You Say Goodbye & We Say Hello


You Say Goodbye & We Say Hello

Goodbyes are always hard, but we're excited for the next chapter in Eric Hardman's--our CFO/VP of Finance & Lending--life.

"We wish Eric a well-deserved retirement as he looks forward to spending more time with his wife Joyce and their children and grandchildren," says Jim Struble, President & CEO.

Eric has been a part of the Electro family for 26 years and has been a friend, mentor and wealth of industry knowledge here at Electro. 

"As my journey of the last 40 years is coming to a close, I have felt blessed to be part of the credit union movement that aligned with the foundation of my faith; people helping people, treating people with dignity and respect, and serving the community," says Eric. 

His credit union career spans an impressive 40 years and his contributions to what Electro is and is becoming will be felt even after he's said goodbye. 

"I want to thank my wife, Joyce, for the years of support and Electro's staff, management, and volunteers for trusting and respecting me as a key partner in the credit union's development. I have many accomplishments and achievements during the years to look back on, but the friendships and family of Electro are the most cherished and valued. As I end this journey, I leave carrying my head high. I am proud of my accomplishments, will continue my love and respect for my credit union family, and take with me the joy of my involvement in so many lives within the community," says Eric.

We want to wish Eric a very happy retirement!

With Eric's retirement announcement, we knew we needed to find someone who could fill his shoes in our Electro family. With the help of D. Hilton, we're pleased to announce Patti Poe as our new Vice President of Finance & Lending and CFO. 

Patti is no stranger to the Electro family, having worked as the Accounting Manager from 2000-2003, mentoring under Eric. "We're excited to welcome Patti back to the Electro family," says Jim.

Patti has built an incredible career and name for herself within the credit union industry over the past 18 years. She's served as a VP of Finance, SVP of Finance and Collections, and most recently, the VP of Finance & Accounting for a credit union in Texas. 

"Twenty years ago, I knew Eric would retire from Electro, so if I was to progress in my credit union career, I knew I would have to look for opportunities outside of Electro. I have always believed that if you love what you do and love where you work, you never work a day in your life. So it's incredible to join an organization that makes you feel this way," says Patti.

"I look forward to collaborating with a team of talented people, making a difference in the community, mentoring others aspiring to enhance their credit union careers, and ensuring that as Electro grows, it remains financially secure for our members. I want to thank Electro for welcoming me back with open arms. I look forward to spending the remainder of my credit union career here and appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the powerful Electro masterpiece we all envision," says Patti.

We are excited to see all Patti will contribute to Electro as we continue to grow and evolve. Welcome to the Electro Family, Patti!