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Holiday Scams Unwrapped


By: Abby Wilhelm

Holiday Scams Unwrapped

The holiday season is a time of joy, generosity, and increased spending. As you prepare to celebrate and spread cheer, you must remain vigilant against seasonal scams that often target heightened shopping activity during this festive period. At Electro, we prioritize your financial security. Here's a closer look at some prevalent scams to watch for while enjoying the holiday spirit and shopping for gifts.

Phishing Scams

Be on high alert for emails, texts, or calls requesting personal information, especially from unfamiliar sources. Scammers capitalize on the increased online shopping by posing as reputable companies or financial institutions, aiming to steal sensitive data like passwords, social security numbers, or banking details.

Fake Charities

During the holidays, many people generously donate to charities. However, fraudsters take advantage of this goodwill by creating fake charities or impersonating legitimate ones. Before making donations, ensure the charity's authenticity to avoid falling prey to scams.

Online Shopping Scams

Counterfeit websites and fake ads become more prevalent with the surge in online shopping. Exercise caution when clicking on unfamiliar links or purchasing from unknown websites. Stick to secure and trusted online retailers and payment methods.

Gift Card Scams

Scammers may tamper with gift cards or sell counterfeit cards, especially during the gift-giving season. Purchase gift cards from reputable sources and thoroughly check them for any signs of tampering before use.

Delivery Scams

Fraudulent emails or messages disguised as delivery notifications can trick recipients into providing personal information or clicking on malicious links. Verify the legitimacy of delivery notifications by directly contacting the shipping company or retailer.

Protect Yourself

Stay Informed

Educate yourself and your loved ones about common scams. Awareness is key to preventing fraud.

Verify Sources

Always verify the legitimacy of requests for personal or financial information. Contact companies directly through official channels if you're unsure.

Secure Transactions

Stick to secure and reputable websites for online shopping. Avoid purchasing on public Wi-Fi networks and regularly monitor your accounts for unauthorized transactions.

Keep Software Updated

Ensure your devices' security software, including antivirus and anti-malware programs, is up-to-date to protect against online threats.

Trust Your Instincts

If something seems suspicious or too good to be true, investigate further before proceeding.

With the holidays approaching and people spending more, it's essential to remain cautious while enjoying the festive season. At Electro, we're committed to empowering you with the knowledge to safeguard your finances. Contact us immediately if you suspect fraudulent activity or encounter any suspicious behavior. Let's make this holiday season joyful and secure for everyone by staying vigilant against scams while celebrating the spirit of giving and sharing.

Don't forget to visit our Fraud Prevention Center for additional resources and insights on staying secure during the holiday season.