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6 Tips for Stress Free Back-to-School Shopping


By: GreenPath Financial Wellness

6 Tips for Stress Free Back-to-School Shopping

As the school year starts, rising prices and increasing interest rates can strain family budgets. Back-to-school shopping costs are on the rise, causing concern for many parents. However, with a little planning and smart strategies, you can navigate this challenging time without breaking the bank. Here are six ideas to take the stress out of back-to-school shopping while staying within your budget.

6 Tips for Stress Free Back to School Shopping Infographic

1. Create a Spending Plan

Adjusting to inflation and changing financial circumstances requires careful budgeting. Use GreenPath's budgeting worksheet to track your income and expenses. Once you understand your financial situation, determine a realistic spending limit for back-to-school shopping.

2. Prioritize Needs Over Wants

Prepare a shopping list that clearly distinguishes between needs and wants. Assess what must be purchased before school starts and what can be bought later. Check your current inventory of items like backpacks, clothing, and school supplies to see if anything can be reused or repurposed.

3. Involve the Family

Include your kids in the shopping process by sharing the list with them or letting them help create it. Encourage them to contribute their own money for items beyond the budget, fostering a sense of financial responsibility.

4. Avoid Impulse Buying

Resist the temptation of trendy items or last-minute purchases. Having a "needs" list in place can help you stay focused and avoid overspending. Consider waiting a day before making impulse purchases to ensure you and your kids genuinely need the item.

5. Monitor Credit Card Balances

If you use a credit card, keep a close eye on the balances. Rising interest rates can impact your monthly payments. Track your credit card balances regularly to maintain a clear picture of your expenses.

6. Consider Your Overall Financial Picture

Remember that back-to-school expenses are just one aspect of your financial situation. If you need additional support, reach out to GreenPath's Financial Wellness Experts. They can assess your financial health and design a personalized plan to achieve your goals, whether it's paying off debt, improving credit, or achieving financial stability.


Back-to-school shopping doesn't have to be a stressful financial burden. Our partner GreenPath provides caring Financial Wellness Experts to assist in assessing your financial situation and creating a personalized plan to achieve your goals. Empower yourself with smart strategies and expert support from GreenPath to ensure a stress-free and budget-friendly start to the school year.