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Tracey Farabee: Championing Heritage and Empowerment


By: Laura Mugge

Tracey Farabee: Championing Heritage and Empowerment

Within the Maryland Heights branch of Electro Savings Credit Union, Member Specialist Tracey Farabee radiates warmth and resilience. Tracey's narrative serves as a dual tribute, honoring Women's History Month and continuing the celebration of Black History Month. Her story intertwines with both legacies, offering an inspiring testament to black women throughout history.

Rooted in the storied streets of Webster Groves, Missouri, her family's legacy intertwines with the community's rich heritage. Growing up in North Webster, Tracey was surrounded by a history that resonated deeply with her. Her family has resided in the area since the 1800s, and she fondly recalls her ancestors’ legacies and the profound impact of the educators who shaped her early years. Tracey's upbringing instilled an earnest appreciation for her heritage, motivating her to champion Black history beyond the confines of February.

"I am Black History," Tracey asserts proudly, embodying the spirit of strength that defines her community. Her passion for preserving and amplifying Black voices extends to her advocacy for women's empowerment, as she seeks to honor the achievements and struggles of women throughout history.

Driven by a passion for education and community service, Tracey pursued her studies at Webster Groves High School and Central Missouri State University. Her dedication to uplifting others led to a rewarding career with the Department of Social Services, where she served for 30 years before retiring in March 2023. Today, Tracey brings her wealth of experience and compassionate soul to her role as a Member Specialist at Electro Savings Credit Union, where she exemplifies the values of inclusivity and empathy.

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Tracey's ties to her community are deeply embedded in the historic First Baptist Church of Webster Groves, a pillar of faith and fellowship for over 150 years. As a committed member of this storied institution, she extends her dedication to service beyond the pews as she uplifts and empowers those around her. Tracey finds joy as a grandmother and wife in her personal life, cherishing family bonds and drawing strength from her faith. A devoted educator, she has spent a decade teaching youth at First Baptist Church, instilling the same values of tenacity and determination that have guided her.

As Tracey approaches her first anniversary at Electro, she looks back on her journey with gratitude and enthusiasm. She values Electro's positive work environment and sense of belonging and recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusivity in creating a thriving community.

In her free time, Tracey enjoys self-care activities and quality time with loved ones, prioritizing moments of calm amidst her busy schedule. A perfect weekend for Tracey involves a retreat to a plush hotel with her husband, where they can indulge in good food, leisurely swims, and uninterrupted relaxation. Tracey's dream destination is Paisley Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she hopes to experience Prince's legacy up close and personal. As a lifelong fan of the iconic musician, Tracey's connection to his music represents a source of inspiration and joy in her life.

As we celebrate Tracey Farabee's journey, we honor the achievements of Black history and Women's History Month and the indomitable essence of individuals who continue to inspire positive change in their communities and beyond. Tracey's story is one of resolve, compassion, and unwavering spirit, leaving an unforgettable mark on all who know her.

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